About Us

Located at the heart of the Silicon Valley, GMEMS Technologies Inc. is an engineering research and development company that specializes in supplying MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors and related products.

GMEMS Technologies Incorporation is a supplier of MEMS sensors and products to the telecommunications industry, biomedical industry, and semiconductor equipment industry. Employing patented MEMS technologies, GMEMS Tech's sensors provides its users with the bandwidth and sensitivity that is unmatched with traditional sensors and/or conventional MEMS sensors.

GMEMS Technologies is also an expert in the development of pressure, motion and temperature sensors for industrial process control, as well as machinery condition monitoring system. Its revolutionary MEMS capacitive sensors will change the way the machinery is operated, monitored and serviced.

The core R&D group was established in 2003. GMEMS Tech has assembled a talented group of scientists and engineers with extensive experience from a broad range of disciplines. Our team members include professors from world class universities such as Stanford University and University of California at Davis. 85% percent of our employees hold Ph.D. Degrees. The combination of backgrounds from industry, the university and the research and development sector has created a unique atmosphere for innovation, creativity and freedom coupled with a drive to succeed.

The core R&D capabilities of GMEMS Tech include:

1.Design and Commercialization of Various Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) Chips:

The R&D team of GMEMS Tech. has successfully developed MEMS devices such as MEMS pressure sensor, MEMS accelerometer, MEMS optical switch, MEMS gas valve, MEMS micro-fluidic chip, MEMS microphone, and MEMS gyroscope, many of which have turned into successful commercial products. In addition, GMEMS Tech. has established good partnerships with many top MEMS foundries in the world, which are also an indispensable part of successful commercialization of MEMS chips.

2.Design and Commercialization of Various Supporting Analog or Digital ASIC Chips for MEMS Devices:

Fully leveraging the second-to-none IC design talent pool of silicon valley, GMEMS Tech. has built its own team of ASIC development. The team has substantial design experience in all kinds of analog, digital, and mixed-signal ASICs, and has successfully developed and commercialized ASIC chips for MEMS pressure sensor and MEMS microphone.

3.Design of Various MEMS Packages and Packaging/Assembly:

GMEMS Tech. has an outstanding team of MEMS packaging design and has accumulated a large amount of know-how and product experience in the field of semiconductor packaging and MEMS packaging. Under the influence of the corporate culture of innovation, more advanced MEMS packaging techniques are constantly being developed in GMEMS Technologies.