About Us
About Our Business

General MEMS Corporation is a start-up company that specializes in
acoustic and RF MEMS products development. It teams up with major
acoustic component suppliers to commercialize MEMS microphones
and speakers for cell phone industry. It is also establishing joint
ventures with prominent companies Overseas to develop and market
other MEMS sensors.
Established in 2003, General MEMS has assembled a talented group of scientists and engineers with
extensive experience from a broad range of disciplines. Our team members include professors from world
class universities such as Stanford University and University of California at Davis. 85% percent of our
employees hold Ph.D. Degrees. The combination of backgrounds from industry, the university and the
research and development sector has created a unique atmosphere for innovation, creativity and freedom
coupled with a drive to succeed.  In 2004, General MEMS has entered into an agreement with a primary
component supplier to jointly develop MEMS microphones for cell phones makers such as Motorola,
Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, etc.

General MEMS is also developing machinery condition monitoring system using its revolutionary MEMS
capacitive and motion sensors.